Date Listed Name of Member Location Illness Point of Contact Email POC
13 Jul 21Paul LidsterBaillie Henderson Hospital in Toowoomba For those who are not aware Paul Lidster is in the General Rehab Section at the Baillie Henderson Hospital in Toowoomba recovering from a hip surgery and a mild heart attack.

Contact phone for the Baillie Henderson Section is 07 4699 7086. Ask to speak with Paul and the nurse will check to see if he is available (not undergoing physio etc) and take the phone to him.

Going back to early May of this year Paul was discovered lying on the ground early in the morning in front of his garage at Oakey. It turns out that he had been lying on the ground throughout most of the night. Temperatures at night in Oakey at that time were between minus one and minus two.

How he survived the night outside at Oakey is rather amazing. Fortunately he was in a position where someone saw him early in the morning. He was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital where he was assessed for prolong heart issues and underwent surgery for his broken hip.

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Baillie Henderson Section is 07 4699 7086 ask to sContact POC