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Invitation from AWM

Hello Ladies & Gents,
I have received (via Brendan Robertson of NSW), the attached letter relating to the Long Tan 50th anniversary ceremonies being held at the AWM.
Essentially it is inviting the Association to nominate one member who is an Vietnam Veteran to attend the ceremonies that are being held over the period 16-18 Aug.
The event details are contained within the letter.
State Associations may wish to nominate one of their members to attend.
Important notes- the attendance would be self funded; or state associations may wish to consider financial assistance to the nominee.
The nominee would need to be aware of personal expenses being their responsibility.
Time is short as the RSVP to the AWM  is required NLT 8 July.
I suggest the following approach;
If state associations wish to, they nominate 1 member as their nominee.
The names nominated are put into a hat,  the name drawn is the RNA nominated representative.
If you wish to nominate a member, please email me Kevin Forster @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We only have 2 weeks for nominations, so would be appreciated sending nominations ASAP
The invitaion can be found HERE.
Kevin Forster
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